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Abid Market Open Box Deals.

Open Box Products - Get Massive Discounts on Open Box Products.

What truly does open box as new mean?

When you buy open-box products from AbidMarket, you can assume that it is in almost brand-new condition. These are products that have been returned by a client, these products have been thoroughly inspected & verified by the Abid Market team and checked to be in excellent working condition, then sold as open box rather than returned to the manufacturer. Open-box products include all original accessories and are covered by a limited-time warranty accordingly.

Evolution of Abid Market

Welcome to a AbidMarket world of incredible deals where you can find items that are practically brand new at unbelievable discounts. Unearth the treasure trove of open box products that will leave you amazed by the quality and the savings.

Buy with Confidence

Our team of experts diligently examines and confirms the impeccable working condition of every product we offer.

Genuine Accessories

With every purchase, you’ll receive a comprehensive package that includes all the genuine accessories, ensuring you have everything you need to maximize your product’s capabilities.

Step Into a Shopping Experience Like No Other

Small Appliances


PEL Microwave Oven -CW20-1

Original price was: ₨ 24,500.Current price is: ₨ 12,900.


Original price was: ₨ 49,999.Current price is: ₨ 34,999.

Dawlance Steam iron DWSI-2217...

Original price was: ₨ 6,700.Current price is: ₨ 5,900.

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Grab Exclusive Deals

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Unlock Incredible Savings!

Highlight the exclusive deals we offer on well-known brands, enticing users to shop for their favorite products.

Gadgets with a Twist!

Describe how our open box products are practically new and come with all their original accessories.

Revamp Your Home!

Showcase our premium home appliances, from washing machines to kitchen essentials, and emphasize the cost-saving aspect.

AbidMarket, your strategic partner!


What are open box products, and how are they different from new ones??

Open box products are items that have been previously purchased and returned. They are sold at discounted prices..

Is it safe to buy open box products from Abid Market?

Yes, Abid Market thoroughly inspects and verifies the quality of all open box products to ensure they work perfectly.

How does Abid Market ensure the quality of their open box products?

Abid Market conducts detailed inspections and testing to verify the functionality and condition of each product.

How much discount can I expect on open box items compared to new ones?

The discount on open box items can vary, but it is generally significant compared to the original retail price.

Are the accessories included with open box products authentic?

Yes, Abid Market ensures that all accessories included with open box products are genuine and original.

Are there any limited-time deals or promotions on open box products?

Yes, Abid Market occasionally offers limited-time deals and promotions on open box products, providing even greater savings.


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