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Modern Center

Modern Center

Abid Market Modern-Centre01

Project Description

Modern Centre

About Modern Center: Modern center is biggest online electronics store in Abid market Lahore and we are bringing decades of experience trusted since 1990. Our aim to satisfy our customer to provide good quality products.

Deals in: Trusted dealers in Air conditioner, Refrigerators, Led, Washing machines, Gas appliances, Water cooler, Air cooler, Kitchen appliances.

Category:  Electronics, Shopping & Retails

Address: 25-Abid Market Temple Road Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Contact Number: 0323 4228720
Landline: 042 000 000 0
WhatsApp: +92 323 4228720

Email: [email protected]

Facebook page link:

Project Detail

Skill Needed: 1.5 Star
Category: Retail Shops
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