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Abid Market Brand Display Stores

The Abid Market Business hub connects up with Pakistan’s largest brand store, where all brands’ products are displayed specifically for sale. All brands such stores that have been created exactly for customers’ convenience, and common brands products are also available within a store there. Brand Store offers these benefits for retail and online sales.

What is a brand store?
You can go to the Pel display store to buy a pel appliances. They are displayed next to Canon, Dawlance, LG, Gree, Kenwood, Haier, Electrolux, Orient, Panasonic, Samsung, Super Asia, Care Appliances, Fotile, Boss Appliances, Nasgas, Waves Appliances, Corona, ECO Star, Homage, Anex,  and more. It is also possible to go to a Canon Home Appliances store that exclusively sells products from this brand. In a brand store you will only find products from one brand. Especially in brands outlets, brand stores are often used to sell latest collections of brands display. These can be leftovers, second choice products from last season, but also the new collection.


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